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Hi there...

I'm Martian Judge.  I'm very new to DeviantART, although through the years, from time to time, I've browsed through all the amazing art on this site.  Naturally we all know it showcases some very inspiring stuff.  More importantly though, the more I learned about the Deviant art community, I was impressed and struck by the friendly spirit between all of the artists together here.  I think that it's a very cool place to share one's artwork and open it up to thoughtful appraisals and interesting feedback.

Like most everyone here, I share the lifelong passion for art.   However, the stresses of life were making my leisure enjoyment of art difficult.  It seemed as though that there wasn't enough time or energy in the day to create fulfilling and rewarding artwork.  So many diversions in life often make it difficult to properly view and appreciate it.  I found myself missing the artistic experience.  It's at DeviantART, where I feel as though I can return to an art world which I love.

Though my earliest youthful drawings, through school exercises, through fun diversionary hobby art, to utilitarian graphic design work I've done as an occupation, I've felt as though my creative spark waning through the years.   I felt that any early natural artistic skill or talent which I might have had, was diminishing.  As any artist knows, as everyone understands, if one does not practice thinking creatively or physical keeping one's art skills up, the inspired ideas of imagination and the quality of any finished art often suffers.

I'm looking forward to dusting off my art supplies, to dig back in, to practice the wonderful craft of art.  I hope that I can steadily improve, but more importantly, I hope to have fun.  It's going to be a challenge for me to properly translate traditional art into a new digital world, but I'm learning.  It's going to be really interesting to discover lots of new ways in which to express myself.

There are so many great artists here, many many many of which are tremendously more talented than I am or will ever be, but I'm hoping that this can be a friendly place in which I can relax, have fun, and share time with a lot of nice people who share a love of art.



Martian Judge
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Martian Judge – (Magistratus Martia Iudex)
Martian Judge is a Martian-American magistrate serving as an Chief Justice of the Ultimate Supreme Court of the Solaris District of the Via Lactia Galaxy since 1986. Noted for his martial spirit balanced with his resolute interpretation of his idea of fairness, his unique independent rulings are defined by a distinct moral righteousness and based upon a strong foundation of sound ethics, thoughtful rationality and an overall innate sense of awesomeness. Martian Judge is the Primary Examining High Magistrate in our galaxies’ distinct closed inquisitorial system.
Martian Judge has also served as an Associate Justice and as Chief Justice on the Valles Marineris Supreme Judicial Court and still maintains his alumi position as a Professor of Law and Lecturer at Phobus University.  He is also a prominent historian, the author of over 500 books and a noted and respected Martian and Earth art and cultural critic and theorist.
Profoundly influenced by his covert warfare experience in the Mars-Earth Terra Secret Wars of 1949-51 as well and serving a classified role within the United States State Department during the Viet Nam conflict, Martian Judge has further developed established legislative laws by guiding and evolving the legal tradition into a more powerful martial law form of intergalactic jurisprudence.
Because his deep cynicism and disagreement with the most sentient life, his overpowering influence has had a significant impact on natural law legal thinking as well.  This includes the complete disregard for building judicial consensus, the support of planetary war crimes and the trampling on the common rights of Martian–Earthing regulatory laws and economic war law theory.  Legal reviews have identified Martian Judge as one of the three most feared Martian war judge scholars of the last two centuries.
Early Life
Martian Judge was born on Elysium Mons volcano basin on the planet Mars located in the Elysium Planitia, in the Martian eastern hemisphere. He is the son of the prominent planet traveler Plaustrum Iudex and noted artist Propitius Iudex.  As a young man, Martian Judge loved literature, art and architecture and supported the Martian Arts Movement that thrived in high society during the 1920s and 30s.
Early Education
He graduated from Phobos University in 1959, where he was suspected of being elected to several secret honor societies.  Additionally, Martian Judge is a long standing member of the Iron Club, an extremely exclusive university organization.
Military Service
Midway through his completion of college, at the outset of the initial Martian–Earth territorial skirmishes of the late 1940s and early 1950s, Martian Judge enlisted in the tenth battalion, Kydonian Crimson Mechanized militia, and then received a commission as first lieutenant in the Fifteenth Regiment of the Kydonian Volunteer Infantry.  He saw significant action in the United States American Southwest Campaign, suffering wounds during the Chaves County Siege.  After the United Nations Capitulation, Martian Judge served as a consultant-analyst for the United States government for an undisclosed length of time.
Later Education
After his initial military war service conclusion, Martian Judge returned to Phobos for the completion of his education.  He received the highest possible score on The Law bar exam in 1960. He practiced law for an number of years in Washington D.C. where he joined a small firm.  
From his manor in Georgetown, Martian Judge hosted many prominent parties during the social season of spring and summer.  It was here where he established his closest friendships with Earthlings.  To the interesting contrary, he also has a vast volumed enemies list.
Martian Judge practiced covert war martial law for ten years. In 1970, he became an editor of the Martian-English Law Review.  His editing of prominent law journals began his entrance as one of the most knowledgeable legal thinkers of our time.  It is during this time when he wrote most of his ground breaking scholarly books and legal treatises.  Each edition has been extremely well regarded.
Lower Martian Supreme Court
Martian Judge was considered and nominated for a high court judgeship in 1975 by the Solaris President, Praeses Sol.  When the Solaris legislative governing body, the Imperialis Senatus, suggested a possible resistance to the nomination, Martian Judge was quick to enforce his own approval without any further living objection.  With no further resistance to objection by any governing council, took the oath of office on 1976.  After a year as an Associate Justice, it was 1977 when Martian Judge ascended to the Chief Justice of the Valles Marineris Supreme Judicial Court. During his service on the Martian court, Martian Judge continued to develop and apply his views and avoided the wearisome precedent of prior law. He has disregarded many constitutional decisions in these years, and strongly developed his own core legal principles.
Ultimate Supreme Court
In 1986, Martian Judge received a recess appointment to the High Magistrate Seat of the Ultimate Supreme Court of the Solaris District of the Via Lactia Galaxy.  It was vacated by High Magistrate, Maximus Legalis, who died as a result as an illness or possible poisoning.  Martian Judge was unanimously confirmed by the Maximus Imperialis Senatus. This confirmation has been referred to as one of the few Ultimate Supreme appointments in galactic history not motivated purely by cronyism or partisanship politics, but strictly based on the fear of the angry wrath of Martian Judge.

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[link] < dorkiness
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Thanks so much for the watch!:hug: it really means so much to me!:aww:
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Sure thing. You've done some great pin-ups. I like the light hearted fun retro-cute sorta stuff you do. Tiki.. 50s cartoon cocktail etc... I'm not sure of what terminology to call it, but your stuff captures the kinda vibe I associate with party fun bar south pacific postwar fun pinups, not strictly sex bomb stuff. Keep up the great work!

I'm new to the site and hope to start posting some of my own stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!
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I really appreciate that. The room I draw in is plastered with vintage pinup prints. So I'm glad you can see it in my work. I revere those guys and that era!

Hope ya like it here, everyone is extremely nice! I'll follow your page and check your work out! :D
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